Your Guide To Scuba Diving In Grand Cayman

Your Guide To Scuba Diving In Grand Cayman

There’s a next-level adventure waiting below the waterline in this magical spot in the Caribbean Sea where Cayman Island scuba diving packages abound. For both the scuba newbie and the discriminating diver, the Cayman Islands offer a scuba experience for all. Whether you’re ready to daydream or solidify your scuba excursion in Grand Cayman, this guide will walk you through the best destinations to create underwater memories that will last a lifetime.

The Insider’s Guide To Cayman Scuba Diving Packages

So many world-class scuba diving spots to consider. Hundreds of epic dive sites can be found in Grand Cayman, making it a top destination for all divers. The Cayman Islands have literally hundreds of scuba diving spots to choose from. This shortlist of top spots can cover some for beginner, intermediate and advanced divers to get you started:

  • USS Kittiwake – In 2011, this navy ship was intentionally sunk off the northern end of Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach. Divers revel in the fun of exploring the site that includes a 76.5 meter vessel. The maximum depth of this dive site is only 20 meters making it suitable for all levels, and even snorkelers can catch a glimpse of USS Kittiwake.
  • Babylon – There is a wall that surrounds Grand Cayman Island with world-famous dive sites at key points of the wall. The most well-known dive spots are along the North Wall, where Babylon is located. Babylon offers a view for the beginners from the sandy flats on top of the wall, but the real treasure awaits those who dive deeper. Intermediate to experienced divers love the unspoiled wonderland that includes black coral, giant purple sea fans and barrel sponges in addition to parrotfish, barracuda, eagle rays, green and hawksbill turtles.
  • Ghost Mountain – For the advanced diver, a magical spot awaits just off Grand Cayman’s northernmost point. Thirty meters below the waterline is an unrivaled view that includes vibrancy and splendor. Divers experience red finger sponges, starlet coral and so much more.

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