Wyndham Reef Dive Operator Ocean Frontiers Launches Top of the Line “Limo-style” Dive Boat

Custom designed Newton introduces new concept in customer comfort

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, June 14, 2017 – Ocean Frontiers Ltd., the dive operation that wrote the book on East End diving in Grand Cayman, has launched the first in a series of custom designed dive boats to a plan to upgrade and expand its fleet to accommodate the company’s growth. Co-owner and Managing Partner Steve Broadbelt says the new 46-foot Newton named “Gun Bay Diver” was built in the U.S.A. and designed to take the diving experience to the next level.

“We listened to our divers and gone one step further by adding features no other dive shop has done before, so we’ve designed a dive boat that’s more like a limo,” he said. “We want people to come aboard and have a different experience – to know that they’re getting something special.”

Each diver has an individual pod with their dedicated tanks, a personal mask rinse bucket, a crate for equipment, and other features, such as armrests with a cup holder, double camera tables and a marine head that you would expect to find on a private jet. Broadbelt said the entire design is customer centric and these details were added throughout a two year design process.

“Divers have a lot of stuff and gear with them, and our boat gives them their own personal space on the boat. We want our guests to realize that we at Ocean Frontiers know what we’re doing and we’re serious about their comfort.”

Jackie G., of Illinois, USA, was one of the first customers to experience the new boat and rated Gun Bay Diver as “Her new favorite dive boat and the crème de la crème, ” She

added, “the arm rests and individual mask rinse buckets are a genius idea, this is the easiest and most comfortable dive boat I have even experienced”.

Broadbelt says the Newton is equipped with the best engines money can buy, and they are fuel efficient and emit less emissions, which is good for the environment.
With two additional boats in the pipeline, Ocean Frontiers is making a big commitment to the future of Cayman diving.

“We are investing $1 million over the next five years to replace boats and upgrade our fleet,” he said. We have a many guests who come back year after year and we want them to always have a unique experience when they are here.”

The new fleet will be an extension of Ocean Frontiers’ legendary ‘Green Shorts’ service, where everything is taken care of for you and all you have to do is ‘Roll out of bed and onto the shiney new dive boat’. The dive boats will be named after historical marine landmarks, sites or points of interest around the East End district.

“We have been operating out of Gun Bay for 21 years, and this is our home, so it is fitting that we name the first of our new class of dive vessels, Gun Bay Diver,” said Steve Broadbelt. “We’re looking forward to having all our new boats in operation.”

About Ocean Frontiers Ltd.

Ocean Frontiers Dive Shops are located on the remote East End of Grand Cayman. Founded in 1996 with one dive boat and a dream to introduce divers to the wonders of East End diving, the company has grown into one of Cayman’s premier dive operations with a reputation for legendary customer service and having the island’s friendliest staff. Ocean Frontiers is also recognized as one of the most conservation-minded dive operators in the Cayman Islands with a long history of promoting ocean protection through its company programs, and an unwavering support for outside environmental projects. The winner of Project AWARE’s Environmental Achievement Award in 2004 and 2010, Ocean Frontiers has again been recognized in 2012. The company also received the PADI Green Star Dive Center accreditation in 2012 for demonstrating a dedication to conservation, the first dive operator in the Cayman Islands to receive this distinction.

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