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The Best Grand Cayman Beaches

With several beautiful seashores located not only at the resort but also within close proximity to the property, a stay at Wyndham Reef Resort lets you experience the best Grand Cayman beaches during your Caribbean vacation. The Cayman Islands are home to some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world. When you stay at Wyndham Reef Resort, you’ll be guaranteed a beachfront condo or studio, where you can watch the waves crash from your private balcony. Finding a sunbathing spot is easy with the beach steps from your terrace or balcony. Venture outside the resort to encounter more of Grand Cayman’s breathtaking coastline. From hidden-away, secluded areas to more cosmopolitan stretches of sand, the island is home to a variety of tropical oases. If you’re seeking relaxation or a more bustling scene, Grand Cayman has a beach for you.

Rum Point

Head to the north side of the island to enjoy the idyllic beauty of the family-friendly Rum Point. Peaceful waters and an off-the-beaten-path location make this beach ideal for sunbathing or relaxing in a lounge chair or on a hammock. Less crowded than other Grand Cayman beaches, Rum Point is a great place to play a few sets of volleyball or toss a frisbee around among friends. Rum Point presents lots of opportunities to enjoy water sports and ocean activities. Here you’ll also find Stingray City, where you can swim, pet, and photograph lots of friendly rays. This shallow-water ocean activity suits all skill levels and all ages.

Rum Point has lots of beach chairs and picnic tables available, making it easy to spend all day at the beach. While you’re here, don’t miss out on sampling mouth-watering fish dishes or sipping on the Mudslide cocktail, a delicious blend of Kahlua, vodka, and cream that legend has it, was invented at Rum Point. Visiting the area’s world-class restaurants while taking in a gorgeous sunset makes for memories you’ll take with you long after leaving Grand Cayman.

George Town

If hustle and bustle is what you prefer when visiting Grand Cayman beaches, head to George Town! Being the capital of Grand Cayman, George Town has much to offer visitors of all interests and backgrounds. Activities abound in George Town: Take a fascinating—and tasty—tour of a rum distillery, pop into a contemporary art gallery, or browse an array of souvenirs and clothing items at the area’s many boutiques offering duty-free shopping. More adventurous visitors can take part in ocean activities like parasailing, snorkeling, and diving. Dive shop pros can direct you to the best spots to snorkel to see the most marine life. Prefer to stay on the sand? Horseback riding on the beach makes a romantic activity or a fun family outing.

While you’re in George Town, don’t forget to stroll the historic downtown to see the antique Clock Tower, Heroes Square replete with fountains and sculptures, and the celebrated library. Pro tip: Most shops and restaurants are closed on Sundays, so be sure to reserve this day for a more low-key activity like reading or relaxing on the beach.

Seven Mile Beach

The award-winning Seven Mile Beach stands out among Grand Cayman beaches for its nearly seven miles of dazzling coastline. Shallow water sans strong currents make this beach ideal for families with young children. Once you tire of soaking up the sun beneath stately palm trees or wading in the crystal-clear water, there are many ways to experience the beach. Hop onto a standing paddle board or slip into a kayak to cruise along the ocean water. With all the available mileage of pearly white sand, Seven Mile Beach is the perfect place to set up a beach picnic while birdwatching and basking in the cool sea breezes. If you prefer to explore the restaurant scene, Seven Mile Beach is home to beachfront restaurants featuring both local and international fare, with casual and fine dining options available.

Booking Your Beach Holiday at Wyndham Reef Resort

Ready to make lifetime memories? A stay at Wyndham Reef Resort provides opportunities to unwind beachside and participate in thrilling ocean activities. Temperate weather year-round makes it a great vacation spot for any season. Stay in a beachfront suite or condo and venture to one of the incredible nearby Grand Cayman beaches to experience the best of the island’s activities, shops, restaurants, and more!

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