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Summer’s Calling: Unforgettable Things to do in the Caribbean

Summer is around the corner which, of course, calls for the annual Caribbean vacation planning. But beach, pool, bar, repeat is what you did last year. And every year prior to the pandemic. While we all need that straight R & R from time to time, what are some things to do in the Caribbean that’ll make this year unforgettable?

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Most things to do in the Caribbean are generally centered around the gorgeous water here in the islands, but Grand Cayman takes that to a deeper level. Drop-offs, wrecks and captivating coral make Grand Cayman a destination for divers and snorkelers all over the world. If you’ve never tried it, this is the place to start. And if you’re an expert, you know the island is on your diving bucket list. So what are some go-to spots?

  • The Kittiwake: Located just off the famous Seven Mile Beach, the USS Kittiwake served as an Auxiliary Submarine Rescue vessel from 1945-1994, and in 2011 became Grand Cayman’s ultimate wreck dive site. Today, divers exploring the ship from down below can submerge through the mess hall, massive propellers and the towering smoke stack. Also serving as an artificial reef, macro life like crabs, banded coral shrimp and fire worms swarm the ship while it serves as a hangout spot for turtles, grouper and eagle rays. Basically, a diver’s dream.
  • Macro Mania Dive: And speaking of macro life, Macro Mania is tailor-made for underwater photographers looking for things to do in the Caribbean. This shallow reef dive in the protected East End Lagoon is home to myriads of species like Swallowtail Headshields Slug, Secretary Blenny, Blue Eye Hermit Crab, Flamingo Tongue and more. Only 25 feet at its deepest point, you’ll experience unlimited bottom time and nature enthusiast perfection. Think crystal clear waters gleaming against a rainbow of colorful sea life.


The beauty of the sea is seen just as vividly from the surface, so if snorkeling is more your speed these Caribbean destinations are sure to level up your summer. No skill or previous experience is needed, just get your gear and watch this aquatic film up close, personal, and in-real-life.

  • Stingray City: Snorkeling in clear waters is one thing, but becoming one with the ocean life is another. Thousands make their way over to Stingray City to surround themselves with these tame, gliding beauties. A visit to this sandbar includes wading, swimming, and floating alongside majestic creatures that have grown accustomed to human interaction. Snorkel early in the morning, by day, or in the evening – each making up that unforgettable memory as the thing to do in the Caribbean.
  • East End Coral Reef: Looking for seclusion? Just you, your group, and nature? Take a swim through three different coral reefs and learn from a snorkeling guide and trained underwater naturalist. No boats in sight and shallow waters made for swimmers of all ages.

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As mentioned earlier, most island activities are water-centric. But we would be remiss to exclude things to do in the Caribbean that highlight the absolute beauty on the islands themselves. In Grand Cayman, you’ll find wonders galore as you explore beyond the resort.

  • Crystal Caves: Take a walk through ‘Cayman down under’. Cayman’s oldest landmark is situated amongst a lush tropical forest and is home to breathtaking stalactites and stalagmites that’ll stop you in your tracks. Afterwards, stroll through the forest as you hear the echoes of parrots and bats and take in the views of air plants and balsam trees. The excitement of your senses is a memory that will be etched in your mind forever.
  • Blue Iguana Conservation: Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Grand Cayman is home to the Blue Iguana Habitat. The island’s largest native land animal is actually an endangered species and in this captive breeding facility you’ll experience some unique photo ops with the “blue dragon” and learn more about this interesting reptile only found in Grand Cayman.

And, of course, in between all of the things to do in the Caribbean, sprinkling relaxation, dining, shopping and just pure vacationing is a must. There’s no going wrong with a destination like Grand Cayman in the Caribbean. To book your activities during your stay at the Wyndham Reef Resort, contact your concierge today.

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