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Paradise Calling: Couples Spa Packages in Grand Cayman

When it’s time to get away with your favorite plus one, consider unwinding with Wyndham Reef Resort’s couples spa packages in Grand Cayman. This one-of-a-kind retreat provides rest and relaxation for every guest staying at the resort. After enjoying the fun-filled activities and water sports available at the resort, a trip to the spa can serve as a welcome reprieve from all the excitement. Our staff members at the resort know how important it is to prioritize self-care—even on vacation!—and offer world-class spa treatments and restorative massages for every guest. Get ready to sit back and relax and enjoy the highest quality spa treatments in a beautiful island setting.

Visiting the Spa

No Grand Cayman vacation is complete without a trip to our on-site spa. The Spa at Wyndham Reef Resort is open daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you prefer to receive treatment from the privacy of your room, our mobile spa services bring the relaxation straight to you! Our spa therapists use premium products across all our spa services, from facials to body massages to hand and foot treatments.

Massages at the Spa

There’s nothing so restorative as a full-body massage as part of our couples spa packages at the resort. Try a hot stone massage, in which hot stones relieve muscle tension for full-body relaxation, or opt for a deep tissue massage to improve circulation and flush toxins from the body. You’ll leave feeling lighter and more revived. If you suffer from chronic pain or have previous injuries, a deep tissue massage can be especially rejuvenating. Care to incorporate soothing oils into your massage? An aromatherapy massage uses fragrant oils known for their healing properties to promote tissue recovery for muscles and improve circulation. An energizing Swedish massage is gentler than a deep tissue massage and involves kneading, vibration, and percussion to improve flexibility and purge the body of toxins. Every massage at the spa is available for a 60- or 90-minute service.

Face & Body Treatments at the Spa

At the spa, choose a customizable facial and receive a hand or foot massage at the end. Sea salt creates a soothing effect as part of an exfoliating body scrub to remove dead skin, detoxify, and heal your skin. To guarantee gorgeous nails for your entire vacation, our spa offers manicures and pedicures with gel polish and removal available.

Enhancing Spa Treatments

To make your experience at the spa extra special, add a soak in a Jacuzzi and a glass of prosecco. A face, head, and scalp massage can provide relief for tension headaches, and a hand or foot massage can work wonders for those who type on a laptop or stand on their feet all day. A couples massage is a great way to spend quality time with your partner while boosting your mood and your well-being. There are several ways to customize your spa experience. Let our spa therapists know what you’re looking for, and we’ll design your treatment and make recommendations based on your unique needs.

Booking with Wyndham Reef Resort

With beachfront rooms, first-rate amenities, top dining options, and access to fun-filled water activities, Wyndham Reef Resort guarantees a memorable Caribbean vacation for dynamic duos. Couples spa packages include full-body massages, hand and foot treatments, and facial therapies. Book your stay at the resort today and prepare for a special holiday for you and your plus one!

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