Grand Cayman Is Your Next Caribbean Family Vacation

Grand Cayman Is Your Next Caribbean Family Vacation

Looking for the best Caribbean family vacations that your whole family is sure to enjoy? You’ve got it with Grand Cayman! As the largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman is home to many interesting visitor attractions, shops, restaurants, and historical sites. Believe it or not, you can even go on a hike in Grand Cayman. If you’ve been browsing through every tropical destination, desperately seeking a vacation spot that will please the toughest critics in your family (your kids), look no further. Check out just some of the amazing attractions you can experience as a family in Grand Cayman.

Stingray City

If you want to get up close and personal with the wildlife of Grand Cayman, take a family trip to Stingray City. A group of beautiful sandbars lie 25 miles off the coast of the island and are home to southern Atlantic stingrays. When you sign up for a tour, you can take a boat out to their habitat and have the experience of a lifetime petting and feeding the stingray. In only three feet of water, even your smallest family members will have a blast interacting with these majestic and fascinating creatures.

Queen Elizabeth Ii Botanic Park

If you want to explore the beautiful native foliage of the island, you and your family have to visit Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. This 65-acre park features gardens, woodlands, a lake, and several nature displays. Walk amongst luscious flowers, towering trees, and learn more about the natural habit in Grand Cayman. With birds and iguanas wandering freely around the grounds, every family member will enjoy exploring this botanical park.

Mastic Trail

Only the best Caribbean family vacations involve a hike! Why? Well, your kids can take a break from the iPads and phone games and experience the wonders of nature. The site of seeing your child’s eyes light up from something other than a Minecraft adventure makes the trip worth it.

The Mastic Trail is two miles one way and the terrain remain flat and dry, so it’s perfect for family members of all sizes and abilities. As the one and only hiking trail in Grand Cayman, it’s a unique opportunity to walk among 200-year-old plants and foliage and take in some of the fabulous sights that nature has to offer. If you and your family take the time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the trail, you might even catch a glimpse of some native wildlife.

Wreck Of The Ten Sails Monument

The captivating story of this monument will take your breath away. In 1974, ten ships set sail from Jamaica, only to crash near the shore of Grand Cayman’s East End. Through rough seas and stormy weather, brave Grand Cayman residents rescued most of the crew and passengers. Explore this memorial and park and you’ll feel closer to this heroic and dramatic story.

Cayman Turtle Centre

If you want this to be one of the best Caribbean family vacations you’ve ever had, you’ll have to check out the Cayman Turtle Centre with the whole family. At this center, you can explore countless exhibits and animal encounters, such as the turtle touch tanks, butterfly garden, and Blue Hole nature trail. Every family member will be astounded by the Centre’s 11-foot American saltwater crocodile while enjoying the exotic birds at the Caribbean Aviary.

Atlantis Submarine

Want to explore the underwater abyss without getting wet? You can tour the sea in an Atlantis submarine. This 48-passenger submarine offers you the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with sea life and ocean depths without getting scuba certified or lugging around diving gear. Bask in the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin while you and your family observe colorful tropical fish and coral formations in Cayman’s National Marine Park.

Cayman National Museum

Bond with your family and learn more about the history of the Cayman Islands at the Cayman National Museum. Find out more about how the locals live on all three islands and learn about significant historical events in the nation’s past. With detailed and lively exhibits, collections, and programs, everyone in the family will enjoy learning about the cultural heritage of the islands.

Stay In Family-friendly Paradise

After keeping your family busy on the island all day, you’ll want to come back to a comfortable family-friendly resort where you can rest your feet. If you’re really looking for one of the best Caribbean family vacations, your trip to Grand Cayman won’t be complete without a stay at the Wyndham Reef Resort.

With a kid-friendly pool, beach bar, and restaurant, you can relax and enjoy your stay. Steps from the beach and planted on an island filled with attractions, this resort is sure to be a crowd pleaser, even for your pickiest family members. Think you’re ready to book a Caribbean family vacation of a lifetime? Click here to learn more about the Wyndham Reef Resort.

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