Dive into the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are one of the best places to visit in the Caribbean, and Grand Cayman diving is among the best diving experiences in the world. If you’re looking for new bucket list items, scuba diving is a must. Scuba diving excursions are the best way to take your vacation to new depths. You and your loved ones will be talking about this one of a kind experience for years to come. Now is the time to encounter a whole new world under the sea, in Grand Cayman.

Best of all Grand Cayman has warm waters year-round! The average water temperature is anywhere between 78-82°F or 26-28°C. Not only will you be swimming comfortably, but waters are also crystal clear. According to PADI Travel, underwater visibility is “wonderful,”averaging between 60 ft and 100 ft! Get your waterproof GoPro cameras ready because you will want to capture all the breathtaking underwater beauty.
Never been diving before? No problem! Regardless of your skill level, Grand Cayman diving is the perfect activity for adults and kids. What could be more fun than suiting up and swimming with Nemo and Flipper! While you may not see these fictional characters underwater, chances are you will see a spotted eagle ray or even a sea turtle as Grand Cayman plays host to a turtle farm. Be sure to also check out one of the wreck dives and some of the best coral in the Caribbean.

And if you’re a diving pro, Grand Cayman diving offers a wide variety of diving adventures. The diversity of these adventures has made Grand Cayman a world-class dive destination. Here are just a few of the reasons why you NEED to dive into the majestic oceans of the Grand Cayman:

• USS Kittiwake – visit this United States Navy submarine rescue vessel turned artificial reef
• Stingray City – encounter stingrays that are said to be almost tame
• Babylon – see all kinds of marine life living on this underwater north wall
• Devil’s Grotto/Eden Rock – snorkel or dive a coral reef near the shoreline in George Town
• Sunset Reef – two large coral heads surround a large Spanish anchor sunk into the sand

Ready to dive in? Ocean Frontiers Diving Adventures is proud to offer a wide range of PADI dive courses and signature dive adventures through Wyndham. All of our courses are taught by certified PADI instructors. Learn more at Wyndham Reef Resort and get ready for the dive of your life!

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