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Cayman Island All Inclusive Vacation Packages: The Only Bundle on the Island

What do you think of when you hear the word bundle? Honestly, it’s a comfort word. Now, a Cayman Island all-inclusive vacation package…that’s the ultimate bundle. Pardon our clichés, but a bundle means more packed into one punch. More food at the ‘all you can eat’. More variety in the gift package. More bang for your buck. And as the only all-inclusive offered on the island, well, the resort choice is easy — a stress-free vacation made for more.

But, what exactly is included in the Wyndham Reef Resort package? How does it work? How can you book? With tons of fine print and ads crowding booking sites, bookmark this five-minute manual to what makes an all-inclusive, all-inclusive.

The Grub

We know all-inclusives are basically cruises on land. And what does that mean? Food, food, and more food. I mean, swimsuits are stretchy, right?

To start the day, included within your price is a breakfast main dish or an assortment of dishes in the buffet (if you can’t choose we won’t blame you), coffee and fresh juice. While some may be light breakfast-eaters and others like to start the day strong, everyone will head to the beach content and ready for the day’s activities.

For lunch on this Cayman Island all-inclusive vacation package, make your way over to Beach Bar, your hangout spot for the remainder of the trip. Picture tables a few feet from the shore, umbrellas dug into the sand and the perfect combination of sunshine and shade. Beach Bar is packed with bites tastefully made to be enjoyed by the ocean. And with your toes in the sand, every sense is activated — including as you quench your thirst. It’s official, vacation mode has been activated.

Wyndham Reef Resort’s Cayman Island all-inclusive packages make sure that the vacation version of yourself you’ve been dreaming about becomes reality. With all you can drink non-alcoholic and house brand liquor by the glass, listen to the ocean waves, feel the crisp, refreshing drink in your hand and breathe a sigh of relaxation.

After a day of lounging, swimming, paddling, or all three (we’ll get to that), it’s time to head back to your beachfront condo and get ready for dinner. At the Wyndham Reef Resort’s Tides Restaurant, dig into Caribbean seaside favorites with flavors that, for years to come, will take you back to that one vacation that became your happy place. And since this is a bundle deal, there’s something for everyone. Choose from traditional dishes to vegetarian and vegan varieties.

It’s your choice. Eat at a different spot every night for your price-included appetizer, entree and dessert, or choose a favorite (yes there’s also a buffet option, as every vacation should have).

And as if food, drinks, and beach weren’t enough…

The Fun

…let’s pick an activity for the day in this Cayman Island all-inclusive package bundle. While mom may want to drift on a paddle board and gaze into the horizon, the kids will probably want to throw on some state-of-the-art snorkel gear for a crystal clear view of the incredible Grand Cayman waters. And if you’re on a couples trip, well it’s pretty hard to be in sync at all times. One pairing can take a stroll on the beach for some leisure movement while the other can take advantage of the fitness center and log in a workout.

Really, the bundle’s for all. Included in your all-inclusive package is the use of water sports for one hour per day. Spend the day paddle boarding or for an additional cost take a kitesurfing lesson and head back home with a new skill in your pocket.

And water-activities-galore do not come at the expense of nightlife and entertainment. Dance to some live music, bring out your inner Celine Dion during karaoke, or just soak in the joy of watching the sunset with your loved ones. While the pictures never do it justice, the memories are just as vivid.

How To Book

Simply choose your room and add one of the Cayman Island all-inclusive plans! Prices vary from $70 to $189 per day, and can be locked in with just a few clicks. Bundles make things easy, and Wyndham Reef Resort is no exception.

Get more for less. Book your trip today.

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