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A Buyer’s Guide to All-Inclusive Vacations in Caribbean Islands

It’s time to be real. How many times have you Googled “all-inclusive vacations in Caribbean” this winter?

What’s wrong with getting some trip-spiration? But frankly, the Expedias and Trip Advisors of this world tend to flood the first page. And while they’re helpful, sometimes you just need a one-page guide breaking down what to look for in a destination, without the extra details.

Cut to — well, here. You’ve already decided you will be going to an all-inclusive resort this year. You’ve honed in on the Caribbean. So for this very specific traveler, we’ve compiled a buyer’s guide to booking your upcoming trip. Read on.

All-Inclusive Vacations in Caribbean — Island Must-Haves

Every Caribbean island has its highlights. I mean, you can’t go wrong with island vibes, right? But sadly, there aren’t enough vacation days in the year to perpetually island hop. So what should you look for in this year’s tropical getaway destination?

  • Beaches
    • Ok, that’s a given. We’re talking about islands here — surrounded by water. But as you do your vacation research, look for the non-crowded, non-spring-breaker, peace-and-tranquility type beaches. For your all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean, there’s no bigger vibe-killer than feeling like the beach is too loud to nap. So pro-tip, avoid the islands with large-scaled mega resorts, and look for keywords like ‘intimate’, ‘local’, and bonus, ‘award-winning’.
  • Safety
    • Exploring beyond all-inclusive walls can be exciting. But if you’re traveling with little ones, you want safety. If you’re traveling alone, you definitely want safety. And if you’re traveling with your partner and it’s just the two of you, yeah you want to feel safe. Whether you’re venturing out for that restaurant you read on a blog online or for the island excursion you booked to add an activity-filled day to your itinerary, peace of mind is a non-negotiable.
  • Adventure
    • But… we want a spectrum of adventure. From mild to expert, there should be an option for everyone. For example, if there’s one diver in the family, can he/she dive the deep end while the others snorkel with stingrays? If there’s a surfer in the friend group, can we all learn how to kitesurf together? When everyone is happy, good memories are made.

All-Inclusive Vacations in Caribbean — Resort Must-Haves

If we’re still being real, we’re talking about all-inclusives here which means most of your time will be spent on-premises. The all-inclusive resort booked for your vacation should be the focal point of your research. But, what exactly should you keep an eye out for?

  • Ocean-Inspired Amenities
    • A spa with products that feel like an ocean soak and the Caribbean seaside. Dining options with a combination of fresh seafood and salty breezes (because you’re a few feet away from the shore, of course). The all-inclusive resort you’re gravitated towards should be just that — all-inclusive of tropical paradise, from the live music to the pools and views.
  • Ocean Views
    • Speaking of views, you should be seeing the ocean, always. I mean, we’re on an island right? Search for accommodations that boast waterfront views and beachside locations. Right from the moment you open your eyes to when they shut for the most peaceful slumber you’ve had all year, you want those white sands and shimmering waters to be just a stone’s throw away. An all-inclusive vacation in the Caribbean is all about the ocean…
  • Ocean Activities
    • …and that’s why readily-available water activities is on this list. If you’re a wade-and-swim kind of vacationer, by all means that peaceful beach island must-have will be enjoyed through and through. But on your trip, especially a group trip, there will be at least one guest who taps on your shoulder and says, “Hey, I have an idea.” You want that idea to be within a short distance from your resort (or at the location itself). From paddle boarding to jet skis, find a resort that embraces water sports.

Well, in an effort to be real, the Wyndham Reef Resort in the Cayman Islands checks off every box on this list. The pristine beaches, the soft adventure, the endless ocean views…your all-inclusive vacation in Caribbean planning may have just come to an end. But if you have questions or would like to learn more about the resort, check out our vacation packages and peruse through the gallery to experience the best type of vacation anticipation for your upcoming trip to the Caribbean.

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