7 Best Things to Do for Kids in Cayman Island on A Family Holiday

After two decades as a traveler, I know that going to interesting places is a passion many people like me share. But while some some travel alone or as a couple, others travel with their families. Being with a family, especially with younger children, brings you additional things to think about. Every parent wants to have them the best experiences while traveling. I have learned a lot about this from my trips to the Cayman Islands.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead as I did to find the best things to do for and with your kids there. I encouraged my own kids to participate in the following, and believe me they were extremely happy. I enjoyed watching them have so much fun.


To begin with, I took them to the Stingray City, an exciting activity is loved by grown-ups as much as the kids. Once we arrived, I understood why Stingray City is so popular around the world. It is a protected area for Stingrays that allows you the joy of swimming along with these beautiful creatures. The smiles on the faces of you and your kids while sharing the water with the Stingrays in their own habitat, is simply priceless.



Turtles are amazing creatures. If you have seen giant sea turtles on TV, you ‘ll probably feel a thrill when you see them right in front of your eyes. Turtle Farm is dedicated to conducting research and making every effort to conserve those lovely and cuddly sea animals. You must plan your visit to the Grand Cayman Island between March and September if you wish to see how turtles live in the Turtle Farm, as it’s open only between those months. So booking well in advance to avoid any disappointment for yourself, especially your kids. This is a “must do” activity for kids in Cayman Islands.


Exploring the sea is thrilling, isn’t it? I felt the thrill six years ago when I visited Cayman Islands for the first time. That time around, I was alone. I decided to take a ride in the Atlantis Submarine and immediately looked forward to having my kids to share the experience. I took them there in 2016 and encouraged them to take the ride. There can be nothing more exciting than discovering the secrets of marine life, especially inside a wonderful submarine. The 48-seaterer carries the visitors to a depth of 100 meters in the sea where they can see wonderful sea creatures through the large windows. Two tours are conducted each day, the Atlantis Day Tour and Atlantis Night Tour. It’s truly an amazing activity that every parent should encourage their kids to try.


Want your kids to gather some hands-on knowledge that is available at the Grand Cayman National Museum? Take a break from the sun and beach and get in some education time. The Cayman Islands has a great past, and the visitors can get a good glimpse of it in the Grand Cayman National Museum. It’s about an hour-long affair during which the kids as well as grown-ups can learn some great things about the Caribbean Islands.



Don’t forget to take your kids to the Butterfly Farm and other attractions that they can witness around it. The Butterfly Park is very close to the Seven Mile Beach. Your kids are sure to enjoy chasing after the wonderful and colorful butterflies there. Very close to the Butterfly Farm is Smyles, the Indoor Playroom. Filled with enjoyable, safe games, your kids will thank you for taking them there. After playtime is over, take them to Baskin Robbins, for a delicious, cold treat.


If your children are interested in flora and fauna, spend some time at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Loaded with natural beauty, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a wonderful place where kids can learn and enjoy themselves. They’ll feel the thrill of seeing more than 60 species of butterflies there. And the Blue Iguana that roam there can make their visit very special indeed. Spread over an area of 65-acres, the Park provides immense enjoyment to the kids. I personally love the Park’s unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.


Venturing off dry land, snorkeling through the submerged Kittiwake Shipwreck can add a different dimension to your visit. You can certainly encourage your kids to visit the remains of the ship that has been a significant part of human history. The Kittiwake was used extensively during the rescue operations for the Discovery, the Space Shuttle that met with disaster. Visiting this shipwreck could make the kids understand what an important role it played in the history.



These are all terrific activities to enjoy with your kids on you trip to the Cayman Islands. Encourage them to get some real life experiences while being there. They’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

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