6 Secrets of Grand Cayman

Tortoise Under WaterNo matter where you vacation, there is likely a long list of popular tourist attractions that “you just have to see!” In fact, you probably picked your travel destination with a few of these activities in mind (Instagram, anyone?). Whether it is a signature meal or a visit to a historical site, these activities are popular because they have been tried and true by scores of people over many years. We love these activities as much as anyone, but sometimes the best travel experiences are those that fly under the radar.

For instance, Grand Cayman is famously known for its incredible beaches and world-class diving sites. But there are a whole host of lesser-known things to do in Grand Cayman that can take your vacation to the next level. Here are 6 secrets of Grand Cayman that you will not want to miss!

6 Secrets of Grand Cayman

  1. Mastic Trail – At the center of Grand Cayman Island, you’ll discover the best place for Grand Cayman hiking, the Mastic Reserve Trail. Be sure to bring your hiking shoes and your camera because this footpath is the best place to imagine what Cayman was like before it was developed. Walk through swampy mangroves and old-growth forest, and discover centuries old native plants and local wildlife. It’s all there! This approximately two-mile trail is long enough to give you a taste of nature, but short enough to make it easy to convince less adventurous family and friends to join.
  2. Stingray City – Stingray City started out years ago when fisherman used this location to clean their daily catch. The stingrays would gather to feed on the scraps of fish and have now become friends of the people. Stingray City offers a very unique experience where you can actually hand feed these graceful creatures as they gather each day for their meal.
  3. Blow Holes – Basically, nature is awesome. The blow holes on the east end of the island are a must see. When waves come in, they shoot up through the rocks like huge geysers. This less-traveled landscape offers a vacation within your vacation.
  4. Crystal Caves – Located in Cayman’s tropical forest are the Crystal Caves. Take a tour of “Cayman Down Under” to explore crystal structures and other formations, such as stalactites and stalagmites.
  5. Turtle Center – The Turtle Center is one of Grand Cayman’s premier attractions where visitors enjoy a world class experience, showcasing Caymanian wildlife and heritage while hosting an internationally renowned research and conservation centre for sea turtles. Swim with turtles in a lagoon full of colorful marine life.
  6. Dive Sites – Okay, so this isn’t really a secret but no Grand Cayman list is complete without mentioning diving. Grand Cayman boasts some of the best conditions for diving in the world, including great visibility, warm water, low currents and some of the most colorful reefs packed with marine life.

Now that you know the secrets of Grand Cayman, it is time to book your vacation! You will want to book accommodations somewhere that can help you take advantage of all these activities. Luckily, the Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman offers excursions to everything listed above and more. Book your stay today and experience the secrets of Grand Cayman!

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